Boston Echo – Day 5-6

Denia and me pointing to Brookline (where we're staying).
Cenia and me pointing to Brookline (where we’re staying).

One thing I’ve noticed in my short time in Boston is the crazy streets.  Half packed with parked cars on both sides, pedestrians who just walk across the street willy-nilly, random parking violations, winding and twisting streets – it’s an absolute mad house and I’m even more thankful for the strait, non-hilly, grid system streets in Phoenix.

Wednesday was another day of outreach, this time on the MIT campus.  They’re officially on summer so I was surprised when I walked into the student center and saw tons of people.  We were out for most of the day walking the campus and talking with students – long but good.

Strawberry bubble tea on Wednesday.
Strawberry bubble tea on Wednesday.

There was an hour and a half of free time when I got back and I ended up getting bubble tea (or Boba tea) at the local Chinese market.  Then we re-gathered for a meeting on team which was incredibly fascinating.  On the idea of team Dan Berglund discussed how to create a team of believers you can “do life with” – sharing and growing in the faith.  The idea of intentionally pursuing your teammates and making time to outreach and building relationships really resonated with me.

Later that night everyone made an ice cream run and on the way back the skies opened and it began pouring rain.  I got back later that night drenched to the done and tired.  The party had just started though, and we ended up creating an impromptu worship session.  We ended the night around midnight with a surprise birthday party for one of the girls in the group whose birthday was today.  A great night of dancing, singing and cake.

The Zeta Beta Tau House.
The Zeta Beta Tau House.

Today (day 6) was hot!  It wasn’t triple digits but with no air conditioner,  and humidity it made the day sticky and uncomfortable.  We talked about movement and revival on our campus, how to choose disciples, and reflected on our plans for this upcoming year.  I spent my free time doing prep work for the small group session I’ll be leading tomorrow on leadership and prayer – it will be centered around the story of Nehemiah the cup bearer and his prayer in Nehemiah 1:1-2:5.  In my small group we discussed Ephesians 5:22-6:5 and the ideas of submission and obedience.  Tonight we will have an non impromptu (a.k.a. planned) worship service until the wee hours of the night.

I’m hoping to upload some pictures of the frat house’s decorations in my next post.  Until then!


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