Boston Echo – Days 9-12

These last few days have been especially busy, and it’s nice to have a quiet moment to reflect and write.  I won’t go into detail about the last few days since I wrote – it’s been a variation of what I did today and what has happened in the past.

Fenway park with some of the girls from Echo

Highlights of days 9-11:

  • Overview of the Old Testament following the people of Israel
  • Red Sox v. Rangers game at Fenway – 18-5!
  • Outreach on Boston University campus
  • International outreach and missions
The lovely breakfast the boys made us!

Yesterday the guys on our trip told the woman to be up and ready by 8:30.  We were escorted down the stairs and were greeted with roses, personal encouragement cards, coffee (much needed), and breakfast cooked by the boys.  They cooked so much – toast and nutella, fruit salad, pancakes, bacon, and omelets.  Fantastic, and we were serenaded by them with songs – a great way to start the morning and it was a lovely way to show how much they cared about us as sisters in Christ.

From there we went into our study in the Old Testament and covered the time of the uniting of the kingdom of Israel to Christ.  A lot of history but I have always loved learning about history so it worked out well.  A quick lunch and we headed out for a campus outreach to talk with a student and a professor who brought up some very interesting questions and points.

We headed back to the ZBT house and then headed out about an hour later to our final small group and we ended up going to an all you can eat ice cream fundraiser.  SO MUCH ICE CREAM!  We had a total of 32 cups of ice cream among the 5 of us – Liz Lemon Frozen Yogurt, Rock and Pop Swirl Sherbet, Peaches and Cream, Coffee, Espresso mint (not sure the difference between coffee and espresso – different vendors?), Nuts Over Caramel.  So much.

So much ice cream

We ended our time together with a study in Ephesians then a time of encouragement for each other.  I will dearly miss these lovely ladies and all their insight, thoughts, encouragement and strength.

That’s my night.  Tomorrow is my last full day then I ship out to Phoenix Saturday and this Boston trip will officially be over.


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