Pretty Little Things

I’m sorry, this is not a book related post – though, hopefully that will come soon.  I stumbled across these little creatures and fell in love – they’re so cute and tiny.  Whimsical comes to mind but I feel like I use that adjective too much when describing cute and tiny adorable things.  I love the mixed uses of fabrics and textures to bring these little guys to life.  Creator Katie of Skunkboy Blog has done a fantastic job delicately piecing these original creatures together and bringing them to life.  My all time favorite has to be the Narwhal (for obvious reasons) but I can’t get over how incredibly cute the octopus is… and the owl couple… and the elephant… and pretty much each one.  But the Narwhal is my favorite favorite for sure.

Cake Toppers Elephant il_570xN.137792973

il_570xN.187386517il_570xN.109526836 il_570xN.121914643


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