Every Day

9781921922954This is the first book I read by David Levithan, and while I really enjoyed the premise of the book – a soul or spirit or being wakes up each morning in someone else’s body to live in their body for a day, along the way the main character “A” falls in love and spends the rest of the book trying to be with a girl – there was something that is holding me back from loving this book.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book; I began the book Saturday morning and knew by the 8th page that I’d finish it that day.  I think it was just really hard for me to identify myself as a character in the story and therefore hard to connect with the story as a whole.  A is never described physically and a bit of an enigma, having undergone experiences no one can fully understand making her/him/it hard to relate to, and I felt like the other main character, Rhiannon, wasn’t someone I could see myself reflected in and was a bit under developed as a character.  Additionally, (characters aside) I felt like Levithan was at times a bit preachy with his views and it came off a bit like a soap-box which I think detracted from the overall story.

My personal short comings regarding the story aside, Levithan is a talented story teller.  Even though the characters were a stumbling block for me, the story itself is really good and kept me reading and I LOVED how it ended.  The ending for me was perfect and felt like the only proper way to end the story.  I want to make this clear, I enjoyed this book, I thought it was interesting, and well written, I just wasn’t a huge fan of a few things.


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