Pretty Covers!

Gulliver's TravelsPersuasion Sense and SensibilityLes MiserablesThe Odyssey

I’m notorious for collecting multiple editions of novels for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes I have multiple copies of a story because I forgot I had a copy, sometimes I’ll buy a book for the edition, maybe because of the additional content that will come out with a new publication, but most often I buy multiple copies of a story for the covers – I’m a sucker for a beautiful cover.  These lovely clothe bound novels are made to be purchased for the cover.  Each one designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, these editions are slowly making their way into my personal library to stand alongside their weathered, underlined, highlighted, annotated, cracked spine paperback counterparts.  Such pretty covers!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Covers!

  1. I do the same thing. I’m also a teacher so I will get the cover that I adore and then a really tough-covered version of the same book so that my students don’t hurt it too bad. : )

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