Treehouse Masters


Last week I found Treehouse Master and it is amazing! I love this show – I found it last Friday and spent pretty much all that weekend watching every episode I could find. Basically, it follows this guy Pete Nelson, and his crew as he is hired to build this massive, thousand dollar treehouses around the country. I can’t believe the kind of treehouses they make, they’re truly full houses in the trees: complete kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and multiple decks. It’s crazy, the most recent one I watched centered on a family in Texas looking to build a treehouse that would house their extended family when they stay, their budget? $200,000 – I kid you not, people can spend less and purchase a full house in this economy.

Outrageous budgets and opulence aside, this show is great. Pete Nelson is eccentric, crazy, tree-loving treehouse fanatic and seeing him let his creative juices run wild in the trees is probably what I love the most, besides seeing these tripped out treehouses. A really great show you don’t need to think about while watching.

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