The Queen’s Thief

Queens Thief

You know that moment when you realize the series you just finished is scheduled to release another book, but there isn’t a title, or a release date?  Yah, that’s not fun, when I found out there would be another book in the Queen’s Thief series I was excited then quickly became impatient knowing it would take years for this book to be published.  Still, it inspired me to go back and re-read the first four books in Megan Whalen Turner’s fantasy middle reader series. 

The Thief is set in a time period similar to ancient Greece but with some medieval era inventions (ie glass, rifles, books) and is an adventure quest story revolving around three main countries – Sounis, Eddis, and Attolia.  It all starts in a prison cell in the kingdom of Sounis where Gen, self-proclaimed master thief, is locked away until the king’s Magus (the most trusted advisor) approached him with an offer of freedom in return for stealing something.  This sends the characters – Gen, Magus, his apprentices Ambiades and Sophos, and the soldier Pol – on an adventure to find a mythical stone.  While a really great book – well written, clever plot – it’s not my favorite in the series.  That honor belongs to the second book in this series – The Queen of Attolia.

The second book, begins with Eugenides (Gen from the first book) captured by the Queen of Attolia and as penalty for steeling in Attolia his hand is cut off.  This all happens in the first three chapters so I’m not spoiling any of the book but I’m also trying hard not to spoil any of the first book as well.  Eugenides is returned to Eddis, his home country, while a war breaks out between Eddis and Attolia.  I can’t tell you much more without giving too much of the first book away but I promise you – this book is really good!

King of Attolia is the third book in the series and if I even began to describe the story I’d spoil the first two books so I’ll leave the third and fourth book – Conspiracy of Kings – un-reviewed.

Mrs. Turner writes clever, plot driven books, populated with interesting characters.  As much as I wish she’d just hurry it up some and publish the fifth book in the series I know that good books take time and can’t be rushed – and these are really good books so they take an extra long time.


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