Penguin Threads

Gaze upon the beautiful work of Jillian Tamaki!  These books, with their beautifully embroidered covers, were one of my favorite things to show off to customers.  They’re beautiful in these pictures but to see them up close and personal – running your fingers over the bumps of the thread, seeing all the little details – is the way these books should be experienced.  I would recommend checking them out next time you’re in a bookstore.  The one thing that I’m not crazy about is that these books only come in paperback, instead of the longer-lasting and sturdier hardcover.

tamakicoversg-464x686 Secret-Garden-Back-Quote tamakicoveremma-464x696I love the little quotes on the back on the books, and the Secret Garden is so beautiful!  It’s one of my favorite books and love this edition.

tamakicoverbb-464x691 threads3-464x348Rachel Sumpter Penguin Threads Wind in the Willows cover


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