Gallagher Girls

Gallagher-GirlsThe other week I got my hands on the final book in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girl series.  This was a long time coming.  I very vividly remember reading the first book when I was in 7th grade, finished it that night, then begged my family to take me to the bookstore and get the second book the next day (which happened to be Black Friday and leads to a funny story about Black Friday and bookstores).  From there I was hooked on anything Ally; her third book – Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover – was one of the first advanced copies I received, I was able to meet Ms. Carter with the release of the Perfect Scoundrel (part of her Heist Society series) earlier this year, and I even read her earlier, lesser well known adult novels.

I’d love to just gush about the final book but there’d be soooo many spoilers for the entire series!  Instead I’m going to try to give you the entire series in a nutshell: the Gallagher Girls series is about a top secret spy school (Gallagher Academy) and follows the misadventures of one student (Cammie) and her friends (Liz, Bex and Macey).  That’s basically the nutshell – a very, very, very tiny nutshell.  With this series you really have to read them in order or else you’d be completely lost:

GG1: I’d Tell You I Love You But then I’d Have To Kill you

GG2: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

GG3: Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover

GG4: Only the Good Spy Young

GG5: Out of Sight, Out of Time

GG6: United We Spy

Cammie is a fantastic main character.  She’s smart, funny, a little shy, and not afraid to bend the rules!  We get to experience Cammie going up as the books go from sophomore year and romantic-comedy storylines, to senior year and international spy rings chasing her down.  The series does become darker and more serious as each book comes out but understandably so, as the stakes become higher and more is revealed about Cammie’s enemies but we never lose Cammie’s humor and sass.  This series sucks you in and makes you want to put on the plaid uniform skirt and head off spy school.  It’s a perfectly funny, light hearted, witty, and awkward (in the way all books about teens falling in love should be).


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