Girls Like Us

GirlsLikeUsOriginally, I meant to write something for this book months ago when I first read it but I was apprehensive to write directly after reading Lloyd’s book and I put if off until I eventually forgot entirely – it wasn’t until recently when one of my roommates read it that I remembered, so here is my write-up for Rachel Lloyd’s Girls Like Us

Rachel Lloyd’s powerful memoir, Girls Like Us, acts as part biography, part advocacy.  Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the sex industry – Johns, recruitment, pimps, the police, ect – and is further illustrated with stories from girls, psychological studies and effects, and the authors own experiences.  I was especially struck by how the media, social workers, or the police treat these girls and the trauma facing each individual.  Though I didn’t realize it at the time of reading, this book is filled with hope and optimism – though Lloyd doesn’t shy away from the darkness, and grittiness in the sex industry there is an underlining theme of hope throughout the novel.  I highly recommend this book but know this is a serious piece of writing and not for a quick, light-hearted weekend read.


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