More Tree-houses!

I love tree-houses – there’s a childish part of me that wants to live Swiss Family Robinson style in a giant cluster of redwoods and become a hermit with a killer library and breath-taking views.  For me tree-houses (and forts now that I think about it) capture the child-like wonder and novel excitement many have when being in forests surrounded by natural beauty.

With that in mind it makes sense for me to Google things like “circle tree-house” when I should be doing grown-up things like making dinner.  While searching for tree-houses I found this hotel place in Vancouver Island’s rain forest that rents spherical tree-houses, for me, this is the dream!  I could live in a sphere dangling above a lush forest – forget being afraid of heights – this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time!  There are 3 different hanging tree-houses available to rent, each one sleeps 1-2 people and has a bed, a table, kitchenette, and giant cozy windows overlooking the forest.  Get excited people!

hotel-arbre-eryn spheremspirit-1024x768


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