The Song of Achilles

downloadLately, I’ve been too busy to finish a book in a few days but this past weekend I took a little skiing vacation and decided to read one of the books I’ve been meaning to tackle.  I choose The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller that I picked up a while ago at my favorite bookstore mainly because I love reading what authors create around ancient myths.  I really loved it!  Miller re-created the ancient Greek myth of Achilles and his companion Patroclus so wonderfully beginning when both boys are young and following them as they grow up and become the distinct men the myth remembers.

I loved how Miller describes these boys’ early childhood and the peace that followed them in the early years before pain and suffering of the world enters their happy lives.  It provides a stark contrast to what eventually becomes of them making it even more heartbreaking even though everyone knows how the story ends.  Something I also really liked was how the other characters are developed – Odysseys is nauseatingly in love with wife Penelope, Briseis is more than a simple slave, and Paris is a typical vain-pretty boy.

Miller has created a great book and I was very grateful to be able to sit down and carve out time to specifically read.


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