Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

harry_potter_and_the_sorcerers_stoneRecently, I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series, it has been a few years since I read them all the way through and thought it was as good a time as any to re-fresh my memory of them.  I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to finish all 7 books especially if any additional books distract me along the way.  Since many of you are familiar with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series I’ve decided to forgo my usual format of reviewing and instead share some of my thoughts at re-visiting this series for a third time.

I’ve already finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and I must say I forgot how funny JK Rowling is.  Very clever and dry in some parts that must have flown over my head when I was younger and reading it for the first time.  It’s been long enough that I don’t remember all the little details and reading about them again is a lot of fun.  Also, there were a few very profound quotes that I recognize but seeing them in the context the book places them in adds a certain additional level of meaning.

This time reading Sorcerers Stone I was stuck at how innocent Harry is as a character.  While he’s suffered for 11 years with the Dursley family he’s still a naive and innocent little boy off on an adventure.  It’s hard to fall in love with Harry again knowing that for this boy, who is excited and has pure happiness right now, the future gets so dramatically dark.  Looking forward from where I am in the series right now and thinking about the heartbreak, pain, and suffering that is to come later for many of the characters, I don’t want them to grow up and to loose this innocence.

I remember my mom reading Sorcerers Stone to my brothers and I before we went to bed, and I remember reading it again when I was in 7th grade, and now I have the opportunity to read it at this stage in my life.  It’s nice to have books that you can grow with like friends.


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