Emily Dickinson

I’m sure some of you guys are aware the April is National Poetry Month!  I haven’t been exposed to a wide variety of poetry but I enjoy what I’ve read.  For the rest of the month I decided to share some of my favorite poets and poetry here, starting with Emily Dickinson.

When I think about Dickinson I picture the quintessential introvert artist.  A very brief re-cap of her life: she was born to a decently well-off family in the early 1800s and was described as a “perfectly well and contented” child.  Eventually Dickinson went to study at an Academy before leaving to return to her family’s home and take care of her dying father, from then on death seemed to follow her (heavily reflected in her poetry).  As she continued further into adult her, she became increasingly secluded from outside life devoting herself to her close friends, family, and her garden (also a major theme in her poetry).

None of her poems were published in her life-time – instead her younger sister published them posthumously which is one of the reasons most of her poems’  titles are often the first line of the poem, Dickinson rarely ever named her poems.

That’s an incredibly brief and simplified history of Emily Dickinson – I encourage everyone to research her life and history more if they haven’t already!  Also, please appreciate that the amount of dashes used in a single 4 stanza poem – I wouldn’t be surprised if my love of dashes is somehow linked to my love of Dickinson.


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