Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

HPIn continuation of my re-reading of Harry Potter; I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets around mid-April – this post got slightly delayed by my round of poets for National Poetry Month (April) but we’re back on track!

My thoughts on Chamber of Secrets:

  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Rowling has already begun to drop crucial hints for later on in the series – in this book one of the major elements that Rowling reveals is the cabinet that Harry hides in at Borgin and Burkes is central in the plot for the 6th book.  I didn’t realize this particular point until reading CoS this time through, for a moment just appreciate that Rowling already knew what was going to happen in later books and slowly has been easing the reader along.
  • Again, Rowling is really funny!
  • I really appreciate the brevity and lessons learned from Gilderoy Lockhart (the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor).  As a character he’s so incredibly annoying and irritable but through him Rowling says a lot about celebrity-culture in society and “fake” people.
  • I’ve heard people comments that the Harry Potter series is really dark for a middle-reader book series, and while I agree with them that it contains a lot of darker, more serious content (especially further along in the series) it’s hard to read CoS and think that.  Yes, there are some serious moments, and yes it’s slightly darker than SS, but at the end of the day Rowling knows her audience and the books are still aimed towards “middle-readers”.
  • One of my favorite places in all of literature is The Weasley Burrow.  It feels so welcoming, cozy, warm, slightly-cramped, but entirely magical in all its imperfection.  For Harry it’s only opportunity to see a home-life besides the Dusleys – the closest thing to a functional home.

I’m really enjoying re-reading this series.  It’s so interesting what stands out to me now – I’m reading another, non-HP book currently, but after that I’ll start on Prisoner of Azkaban.


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