Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – I think for most people they have some memory linked with this book. It seems like one of those classic picture books that every bookstore and library must have, and most parents have probably read this story at one time or another to their kids. The story itself is very straightforward: lowercase letters want to climb up the coconut tree and do so with pizazz helping each other up along the way.

With bright, colorful, and engaging pictures that capture young ones attention. That combined with a catchy, fast paced rhythmic text that introduces the ABCs to children I understand why this story has been so loved for so long.

As I mentioned earlier, I find it interesting how creatively Bill Martin incorporates and introduces the letters of the alphabet. The characterization of the letters and the way the texts highlights each letter creates an innovate way to familiarize children with the alphabet.

Additionally, I find the family dynamic displayed between the little letters and the capital letters endearing and an interesting way to remind children that it’s ok to ask for help and to let others patch you up after scrapes and falls.

In addition to all the fun this book is, it also has some good lessons and is one of the subtler books for introducing the alphabet to children. I was able to re-read it recent and was reminded of how much I love this little story – I recommend everyone take a minute or two from their day and read this little story out-loud again!


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