Olympic Peninsula Roadtrip – Part 1

Even though it’s been years since I lived in Washington, in many ways I consider it home and try to visit once a year. Some years that doesn’t happen and some years – like this one – I’m able to get up to a little corner of the Pacific Northwest and explore!

Because of a hectic work schedule I was only in the state for 4 days, flying in late on Thursday and leaving the Evergreen state on Monday morning. Each trip is a little different and this year I went on a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula and experience some of the areas I haven’t explored quite as thoroughly.

I landed Thursday night in SeaTac and spent the night in Tacoma.

After a late start Friday morning, I was on the road driving past the Narrows Bridge on my way out of town. The first day on the road was fairly short and ended in Port Townsend – a small city with beautiful Victorian houses built in the late 19th century. There’s so many little shops, museums, galleries, cafes, and Fort Warden to explore it can be a full day of wandering around downtown and uptown.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to explore much because of a heavy downpour and had to focus on indoor activities: museums, the fort, and restaurants.

Needing something warm a quick stop in at Hudson Point Café was needed. The chowder was good but I half-wish I’d gotten their wilted salad – beets, curried walnuts, and roasted red potatoes with basic spring green. Warm, like I needed on a hot day, and all the right combinations of flavors and textures. Stomach full, it was off to the fort.

If you’re ever able to visit Port Townsend I highly recommend visiting Fort Warden! Active in the first half of the 1900s and built in concert with two other forts across the water to protect the trade and navy industry in the Puget Sound. Now it serves as a state park and a conference centers with museums, hiking trails, and beautiful views.

As much as the rain altered my travel plans I can’t complain too much; Washington really needed the rain and has been having an unusually hot summer. After dinner that pretty much ended the first full day on the road!

You can see the basic road trip map here to get a visual idea of these places!


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