Olympic Peninsula Roadtrip – Part 2



Saturday morning was still overcast but not pouring rain and I could even see the sun start to peak out from behind the clouds… slowly. Needing some food and a strong cup of coffee I ventured out to a place I saw the previous day in the uptown part of Port Townsend, Sweet Laurette Café.

A very well made Americano and a tasty (and still warm!) scone later and I was a much happier camper. The café has western facing windows that open up on one of the main streets so I got to watch the vendors for the Farmer’s Market set up shop as the town slowly woke up and the sun came out as the clouds cleared away.

The PT Saturday Farmers Market was a lot of fun and I managed to get some good treats for the road. I always love wandering around markets and looking at the colorful and fresh produce on sale from local farms and a big highlight for me was seeing all the flowers!

Back on the road and heading off to Lake Crescent for a short hike to Marymere Falls. Lake Crescent was glacially carved and is reported to be among the deepest lakes in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded on all sides by steep mountains the road balances between steep mountain faces on one side and deep blue waters on the other. 20150815_144941

Marymere Falls itself is a short, maybe 2 mile round trip, hike from the shores of the pristine lake up the mountain a little to a waterfall. The waterfall was beautiful and a nice place to stop, get out to the car, go for a walk, and eat some of the pastries from the market earlier.

Before getting too far out of the park we hit a backup since a tree had fallen across the road which set the trip back by half an hour for the Park Rangers to clear it and get traffic moving.

The drive through thick, green forests was broken up by the occasional reminders of the logging industry. There isn’t many cases of clear-cutting land but logging is evident along the drive and a reminder of how important it is for the local economies of the peninsula. Many of the towns – Port Angeles, Forks, and Aberdeen – sprung up around logging. With the decrease is logging in the area many of these cities and towns are suffering economically for it.

Several hours later, after driving past reservations, small towns, national parks, and national forests Pacific Beach was finally reached and the day came of a close looking out over the water at the sun setting.


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