Olympic Peninsula Roadtrip – Part 3

Sunday was another sunny and warm-ish day! I was still in desperate need of a sweater but I attribute that to thin blood from living in an area that regularly has triple digit days 4 months out of the year.

A short walk along the beach was the perfect thing to do before leaving Pacific Beach. The ocean was COLD but with the long beach there was plenty of space to wander and walk without having to freeze in the water.

Back in the car and off to Ocean Shores… which is only 40 minutes from Pacific Beach – something I had overlooked when planning this trip. With hindsight being what it is, I think it would have been a lot more fun to make it out to Cape Flannery or Neah Bay and stay there on day 2 instead of Pacific Beach. Maybe next trip?

Regardless, being near the ocean was nice and as the day warmed up so did the sand (I wish the water did as well but it remain way too cold for me to jump in). While the ocean and beach is fun, I’ve realized that I get bored of beach life way too quickly and would prefer to explore the town or take a hike – unfortunately, none were to be found in Ocean Shores and I ended up being a little bored. Not the end of the world, and a little bit of boredom is good for me.

With that, Sunday came to a close.

20150816_160327 20150816_160205 20150816_160209


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