Olympic Peninsula Roadtrip – Part 4

Monday, the last day of this all too short trip! After a quick breakfast I was on the road by 10 heading to SeaTac to catch a flight back home.

The drive was short – probably only 2.5 hours – but beautiful – of course. There’s a reason Washington is the Evergreen state and even with the little water they’re received this past summer the trees and ground are still beautifully green. I did see a few golden or “burnt” lawns on the trip and I know that state is doing a lot to conserve water but compared to the Sonoran Desert I was heading back to it was beautiful.

Back in SeaTac and I got my last fish-n-chips of the trip at Ivars in the airport. It’s become a bit of a custom to always stop in and get some Ivars Fish and Chips at least once on any trip to the state.

All around this was quite a good trip and came at a perfect time in my life where the stars all seemed to align for me to take off. There were some minor issues (rain, poor route planning on my part) but it was a needed trip!


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