Holiday with a Bookstore!

BooksI’ve always had this dream of retiring to a small cottage and running a little bookstore part-time – that dream is being made a reality thanks to a listing on AirBnB and the power of Wigtown Book Festival! For a week or two you could operate a small bookstore in Scotland called the Open Book. The commitment is 40 hours a week for at least 5 days a week, and about $35 a night to operate the Open Book and live in the cottage-like apartment attached. Bookstores are such an essential part of any community and the opportunity to step in for a week or two and help operate and run such a core part of a town seems very humbling.

You can read up on past resident’s experience at their blog here. It’s amazing to read about their experience and how they were welcomed into the community and all the different stories they share.

This clearly isn’t everyone’s idea of a vacation; but if you’re anything like me and the idea of sitting on a beach somewhere for a week sounds a bit meh, this change of pace would be ideal for a book-cation.


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