A Long Day of Travel

36 hours of travel, 4 cities, 3 planes, and finally, one hotel room! The past bit of travel has been long and very tiring – physically and mentally. Sorry, this will be a pictureless post, I forgot to make use of the camera in my phone.

I began in Phoenix on August 31 and took a morning flight to LA. There, I had a 9 hour layover which I filled with picking up my passport and visa from the great folks at the Czech Embassy and wandering around the Getty Villa in Malibu.

After my brief respite from the confines of the airport I was back for my flight to London, Gatwick. Unfortunately, my middle seat in the middle row of seats was not conducive for sleep so I caught up on movies that I haven’t seen (finally got around to watching Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2, a little meh to be honest) and history podcasts I binged on.

Landing in a very rainy London on Tuesday afternoon I had 4 hours until my flight to Zurich… or so I thought! Turns out my flight had already left, that morning and the ticket I thought was for 7:10pm was actually 7:10am.

A very helpful and kind woman at customs was able to call the airline directly and reserve a seat for me on a flight with the same airlines later that evening. After kicking myself for not realizing the issue with ticket, I went down to customer service and bought a new flight ticket.

Another minor issue with my luggage going through security and I was finally able to find a group of chairs that let my sprawl out and catch a few more hours of sleep.

Finally landing in Zurich felt so great to finally arrive! I met up with my mom who I will be traveling with for the next week or so. She had arrived earlier that morning in Zurich, found a hotel and tried to wander around the city. Unfortunately, her walk through the city was cut short because it was pouring rain.

Arriving in the hotel I immediately took a shower and brushed my teeth – oh to feel clean and good! Tomorrow houses more travel as we quickly pack, hop on a train, and head to Salzburg.


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