Austria – Day 1-2, Travel and Salzburg

What a long and amazing 2 days! After arriving in Zurich for the night of the 1st we were wheels up at 09:00 hours to catch our train to Salzburg, only problem we ran into was that our train would be leaving in 5 minutes and we would have had to change trains hallway through. So we switched to later train and wandered around central Zurich looking for an ideal cappuccino and a place to sit and spend a few hours by the river.

Cappuccino found and consumed before we were needed back at the station. A little confusion surrounding the rail line the train would be leaving from and we were off!

It was rainy and heavy with clouds the entire trip (the entire trip so far actually) but a beautiful train ride through the Alps crossing small rivers and waterfalls along the way. Finally reaching Salzburg, we disembarked and ran through the rain to reach our hotel a good 20 minute walk away.

Looking very similar to a partially drowned rat mom and I checked in, unpacked, tried to dry off, then headed back out to wander around Old Town and find a bite to eat.

Food-wise we ended up at a place on the north side of the river called Zum fidelen Affen at a shared table with some people from Austria and possible backpackers from the US. I ordered the beef goulash and it was amazing and perfect on a overcast and drizzly day.

Dress? Skirt? Getting DIY with the hotel curtains, inspired by SOM

Back at the hotel we watched a documentary on the story behind the Sound of Music, munched on store bought dark chocolate, and thought about how to turn our hotel curtains into dresses in homage to Fräulein Maria and the von Trapps.

Day 2-ish in Salzburg and we did A LOT! Grabbed a quick breakfast and purchased the 24 hour Salzburg Card that allowed free admission into many of the museums, all this before heading up to Fortress Hohensalzburg. A short ride up the steep mountain in a funicular and we had some of the most amazing views of the surrounding valley. Unfortunately, there was a thick layer of cloud covers so it blocked most of the mountains and hills surrounding the town.

Wandering around the fortress grounds was amazing – build around 1100 AD, constantly being added to by the different archbishops, build atop some ancient Roman remains, and 360 degree views. Something I began to realize after the fortress was how musical Salzburg really is! One of the archbishops would wake the fortress using an organ pipe of all things.

A few hours in the fortress before we headed to Domquartier. The cathedral and surrounding rooms are interesting. There was a lot of information to wade through – from odd knick-knacks from hundreds of years ago, to galleries, oddly ornate waiting rooms done in the baroque style, 5 organ pipes in the cathedral hall, and a whole section on the attached Benedictine Monastery.

Around 1 we stopped quickly at Mozart’s birthplace and family home in Old Town before grabbing a pretzel and resting.

After our snack we determined to hop on a boat tour that was also covered by the Salzburg 24 hour pass. It was ok; good to sit and rest our now sore feet for a little bit and nice to be on the water. We quickly walked by Lover’s Lock bridge – a foot bridge that has locks along the fence lining the bridge with couples declaring their love for each other (think the equivalent of carving your initials in a tree).

There was still had just under 2 hours before most of the museums closed so we stopped at the Salzburg Museum and briefly wandered around before closing.

For us, the 24 hour Salzburg pass was a great deal – everything we saw and did was covered and it more than paid for itself!

After our museums we wandered around some before stopping at an Italian restaurant with a nice patio for dinner. Halfway through, it began to pour rain and we finish up our meal outside quickly and opted to spend the rest of the night in the dry, warmth of the hotel room.


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