Austria – Day 4, Travel and Vienna

Sadly, due to weather and my personal forgetfulness there aren’t any photos of this leg of the trip.

After a lovely time in Salzburg it was time to say goodbye and very fittingly, it rained. We did make one last stop before leaving the hotel and hiking to the train station – we stopped by our dear friend Wolf Dietrich’s grave and said good bye.

We hopped on a train bound for Vienna and as we approached the city it seemed as if more and more people we joining the train. Coming from tiny Salzburg to large Vienna is a bit of a shock – I knew that it would be different but I think I overlooked how large it is! 1.8 million people crawling around a city decked in bourgeoisie opulence, a little lot to take in.

Bags left at the hotel mom and I headed out for a bike tour (our positive experience with the previous bike tour inspired us some) in the city center. This experience was not as glowing as the last do to three parts: the weather, the city, and the people. First, the weather was cloudy and quickly became rainy, unprepared I was in shorts and had fortunately brought along a rain coat – cold and rainy was not the best combination. The city is large but crowded and there aren’t a lot of great spot to stop and discuss what you see in front of you so often times we would bike by something and then briefly learn about it.

Finally, the people – masses of people everywhere! Where did the come from? Why are they here? Why don’t they go home like normal folks and stop walking in front of a long line of tourists on bikes? These are questions I doubt will be answered but I figured it was worth throwing out there.

Bike tour over we headed back to the warmth of the hotel in the hopes of finding a nice place to eat… and it was a very nice place we ended up. We didn’t realize until the waiter had taken our coats from us and shown us to our table covered in fresh linen and ornate swan napkins. Too late now so we ordered. It was amazing!

We went into the whole experience blind since the menu was in German but amazingly we survived. I love to love food and really enjoyed all the textures and flavors in the salad, soup, and chicken dish that we split. Pumpkin, risotto (a little al dente if I’m being honest but perfect besides that), chicken with a subtle dill cream sauce – a sweet corn soup that was so smooth I almost doubted the corn was in there – and a fish salad with a wasabi sauce and almost pickled beans. A little different from my normal food choices but truly amazing!

Not entirely sure what’s in store for tomorrow but tonight I am happy and full.


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