Saturday in Prague

I’ve been in Prague for a while now and (about 6 days!), for the most part, settled into my dorm and bought most of what I need for the room – minus a coffee maker, mug, pan, and plate – and today I decided I needed to explore the city center on my own two feet.

I began mid-morning and made a quick stop for coffee in a new, cozy café. I relaxed, read, sipped, and observed. It felt very relaxing and a great start for the day.


From there I quickly crossed the Charles Bridge (CROWDS!!) and wandered around a little park and found a farmer’s market. Further along, I found the Lennon Wall – a normal wall until the 80s when people filled it with graffiti inspired by The Beatles – and even convinced a nice group of people to take a picture of me! For some weird reason they then asked to take a picture with me, not for me to take a picture of them… but for them to take a picture with me… still not sure why but I’m in 10 people’s holiday pictures.

Me and the wall
Me and the wall

Around then I was buying a tram ticket and spent a good 10 minutes helping some of the tourists buy theirs. If you ever need to buy a ticket in a metro station there is a button that allows the transaction to take place in English but in the touristy area where an English setting would really come in handy there is no way to change the language! It makes no sense! Why would you set up a ticket station and not allow tourists to change the language to one they understand? Regardless – I got to help some people understand the system a little before heading off.

Needing a break from the crowds I decided to get lost along tiny side streets until I ended up at an English bookstore called Shakespeare and Sons! How this happened is still beyond me but I suddenly looked up and the clouds parted and there was a sign proclaiming the store had 2 stories of books!!

Of course I went in and spent at least an hour wandering around. They also had a decent children’s selection and a handful of used books!

It was a beautiful day and after the bookstore I walked to one of the islands. Sun shining down I sat on a park bench and watched all the boats going by and spent some time watching others enjoy the sun. There were a lot of families out enjoying the day with picnics or just playing in the grass.

Rested, I began my hunt for new shoes. I’ve been wandering around in my black flats which are cute and go with almost anything but not the best for long days of walking, especially on crooked cobblestone streets. I failed; apparently shoe manufacturers don’t make shoes in my size.

I did manage to find some shirts and walk across town to Wenceslas Square. Once again lost – this time not on purpose – I headed back to Old Town for some dinner. My feet, at this point, were aching. Food and a little bit of rest I practically had to limp the rest of the way back to my tram.

Back in my dorm, after 8 hours of walking, my feet are propped up and I’m trying to track down a decent pair of shoes that would work. It was a good but long way!


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