Prague and Cafes

I’ve been walking around this city for only a week now but it seems like there’s a cafe on every corner. Contrary to popular belief, there’s only so much coffee a girl can have in a week so I haven’t gotten around to every shop but I have been able to stop in at a few places and sample their espresso and tea drinks. What follows is list of the places I’ve been to so far:

  • I Need Coffee! – this is a little cafe in New Town with a very appropriate name. It’s OK: decent coffee, fairly friendly folks, and yummy desserts. The only big down side for me is they don’t have wifi so it’s hard to do school work from but a nice place to read books.
  • La Boheme Cafe – good coffee and a comfortable space! They have a wide selection of teas and coffee drinks that are really good (from what I’ve tried) and plenty of places to sit. It’s a nice place to get work done or to meet up and talk with people – the only major draw back is your wifi is limited to an hour.
  • TriCafe – I’ve actually returned to this cafe twice now and love it! It’s comfortable and cozy with chairs and tables topped with flowers and the occasional basil (yes, basil) plant and free wifi. Their coffee is good – a little on the higher end but nothing that will break the bank.
  • Costa Coffee – this is an international British coffee chain but they make a pretty decent Americano and are fairly affordable.

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