Petřín Tower

During my first few weeks here in Prague I’ve been trying to find the best view of the city. The top of the Astronomical Tower is beautiful but crowded. Prague Castle lets you see almost all of Prague… except for the castle. The Dancing House, though, hit most of the boxes and is one of my favorites: great view of the castle, bits of old town, the Vltava river, and surrounding area plus you can sit up there with a nice cup of coffee.

There’s so many beautiful views of the city and I’ve yet to see one that’s ugly; it’s really a very photogenic city from all angles.

When I was given the opportunity to hike up to the Petřín Tower with some other students from the university – a tower on top of a hill that looks a little like the Eiffel Tower – I knew this would be one of the better views I’d have of the city.

Views from Petřín Tower
Views from Petřín Tower

Typically there is a cable car that takes pedestrians to the top of the hill but it was broken that day (it’s since been repaired) so we decided to take the half hour hike up the hill. At the top there’s a garden and park with locals and tourists alike and even before you climb the tower there’s some beautiful views of the city.

It cost about 110K ($5) to walk the stairs up to the top of the tower and it was so worth it. While the top is closed in and can get a little stuff with a lot of people, standing by the windows for the breeze helps and there’s a second platform further down that’s completely open air and still very nice.

The views are amazing and 360 degrees. It’s really a great way to see the city and a fun hike to the top. After we hiked down the group decided to partake in the historic tradition of getting to know each other even more over drink and local cuisine. We brought some Czech friends we made along the way who were able to translate the menu and recommend a few dishes.

Petřín Tower crew
Petřín Tower crew

If you have the time to make it out here (probably 2-3 hours) I think it’s worth it – if you’re short on time, though, I would recommend either the Astronomical Tower or the Dancing House to get good photos and views.


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