A day and a half in Rome. So little time yet we saw so, so much! How, you might ask, did you manage to see so much in a day and a half? Well, we woke up before the sun did and didn’t go back to our hostel until well after it had set and walked about 25 miles… it was a looooong 1.5 days.

We flew into the airport and took the over-priced train to Rome late Thursday night.

The next morning we were out the door around 6:30am and heading to the Vatican via bus. We arrived to the main plaza to a little drizzle and no lines. There may have been 30 visitors there and we walked through security to St. Peter’s Basilica.

I took so many pictures but none of them seem to accurately describe the splendor and awe one experiences when walking through the church. It is stunning and free!

We then spent 45 minutes waiting in line to see the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – as a student it cost 8€ and was interesting enough but we didn’t have much time to spend here.

By then we were headed to our free tour… only to find out that the metro workers were on strike and the metro was closed. Fortunatly, Courtney and I were very speady walkers and we made it across the city in time for our free walking tour of the city!

Wandering the city with a tour guide is probably the best way to see any city: you get a little bit of history, a dash of legend, some culture, and several hidden features or secrets.

By the time our tour was over it was nearly lunch so we found a little restaurant, sat down, and stayed for a good long while since our feet were aching. By the time we were ready to move again we had a whole plan of attack for the rest of our day.

The second half of the day began at the Fontana di Trevi (which is under some serious restoration right now), walked by the Altare della Patria and Piazza Venezia, then through the Palatine hill (sadly we didn’t have too much time there), around the Colosseum, past the Peace Arch, over to Campo de Fiori, then stopped at Open Door Bookstore (a used English bookstore), before finding some food and gelato. We walked across the city and back to our hostel, and found a beautiful leather bag along the way. There were a lot of Police Officers out for some reason so we felt both safe and unsafe all at once.

It was a long day.

The next morning we were up and checked out of our hostel by 8 and walking around the city with our backpacks. We walked back to the Fontana di Trevi, up the Spanish Steps, wandered around the Borghese Gardens, and did some shopping at Louise Vuitton and Prada (sadly they have no student discount so we left empty handed).

By lunch time we found a café to sit, sip espresso, and munch on bruschetta.

After lunch we walked back to the train station and hopped on a train bound for Florence! I will try to post more photos when I get back to Prague.

What I saw:

  • Peter’s Basilica
  • Vatican Museum
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Northern gated of Rome
  • Basilica Parrocchiale Santa Maria del Popolo
  • Augusto’s Mausoleum
  • Pantheon
  • Fontana dei Fuimi
  • Piazza Navona Ponte Sant’Angelo
  • Caste Sant’Angelo
  • Fontana di Trevi
  • Altare della Patria
  • Palatine Hill
  • Colosseum
  • Campo de Fiori
  • Isola Tiberina
  • Spanish Steps
  • Borghese Gardens

What I would do again:

  • Peter’s Basilica
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Northern gated of Rome
  • Pantheon
  • Fontana di Trevi (when it is finished)
  • Palatine Hill (I could spend at least half a day exploring this and learning more about the history)
  • Colosseum (I wasn’t able to go inside on this trip)
  • Borghese Gardens

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