I officially began my career as a student in Prague and I’ve begun a hunt for the best (and cheapest) cup of coffee in the cafes around the university.

There are several options within walking distance – some better than others. The cafe in the university serves passable coffee but I can’t bring myself to drink it everyday. I was wandering around the hill behind the university and found Pracovna almost by accident and actually walked past it at first before I realized it!

I’m glad I went in because it’s a fun little spot. It’s quite and felt like a place that I could actually get some school work done with decent wifi. The coffee was fine, I ordered an iced latte on a whim since it was a hot day and it arrive in a large bowl glass that I was not expecting. I was a little unhinged but it was alright – I doubt I would order it again though.

Overall, I really like this cafe – it seems nice and friendly and has a productive atmosphere all around!


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