Personally, Budapest was one of the highest ranked cities on my personal list of places to visit before coming to Europe mainly because of all the years of history neatly built into the city. It’s perfectly positioned on the Danube River which means that people have been living there for thousands of years – the first documented settlement dates back to Celtic times.

My short few days in the city were not enough to see it all and, unfortunately for the little historian inside of me, I wasn’t able to plan it or take the people in my large group (think 22 people wandering around the city) to some of the historical site I wanted to see, I’ll have to save it for the next time I’m in Budapest.

What we did get to see and spend time around included….

  • The Jewish District
  • The Great Synagogue
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • Andrassy Avenue
  • Stephan’s Basilica
  • Chain Bridge
  • Hungarian Parliament
  • Buda Castle
  • Fisherman’s Bastion

All in all, it was a good trip but since we were in a large group we moved very slowly but it was nice to take our time at each place.

While there, we were able to do a night club/pub crawl through the Jewish District and I was blown away at how the streets come to life – it’s interesting to see the city during the day and night.

Also, during this trip I was shocked at how many homeless and displaced people we saw during our stay. There were people posted at all the major metro stations and gates making sure that everyone was buying tickets and that nothing was happening that wasn’t supposed to happen. The impact of the refuge crisis is still seen in the city. That said, I never felt unsafe during my entire time in the city.

I did listen to “Budapest” by George Ezra several times before arriving in the city and the entire time I was there I couldn’t get the song out of my mind. It’s been running on-loop ever since and I don’t know if I can ever listen to it again!


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