What’s Next?

I always seem to return to this space whenever I’m approaching a big change in my life and the recent up tick in blogging activity is simply because of another adjustment for me. This is my way of documenting and commenting on what’s happening.

So what exactly is happening? Well, I’m graduating college tomorrow (*gulp*), beginning a new internship, and MOVING. Yep, I will no longer be based in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona – I will be in green Washington.

While I’m very excited for the change, and for not being in Arizona during the miserable, triple digit summer months, I can’t help but be nervous about moving. The unknown has always scared and excited me. I’m a firm believer that people should know and expose themselves to fear and uncertainty – so much can be learned in pushing yourself into an unknown environment – but I still am a planner at the end of the day and not knowing what I’m walking into scares me. Try as I may, I will always struggle with uncertainty… but that’s OK so long as I continue to push myself.

What’s next is a good question to which I have no answer, but I will try to be as accepting to this lack of answer and unknown as I can be. I know ignoring the palm sweat enduring anxiety this change accompanies will not help so I will instead try to acknowledge and accept whatever is to come.


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