Boxes, boxes everywhere

I’m in the prolonged process of moving out of my apartment and it’s so stressful. This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been in a constant state of moving between apartments, cities, and countries for the past few years and am used to packing up my few belongings, throwing them in the back of my car (and the truck of my brother), driving across down, and uploading.

This time, though, it’s not a quick and frantic move. Instead I’ve been packing up boxes and labeling them for either my parent’s house or directly up to Washington then moving them to my folks’ to be slightly unpacked or not depending on their destination.

It’s a nightmare. A giant headache. An absolute mess.

I look forward to being able to unpack boxes and settle back into normalcy, until then, I will suffer through the stress of living in a chaotic apartment, half packed and half not.



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