I know that I’ve mentioned this before but the last few weeks have been a mad rush of graduating, packing, moving, unpacking, and all the little details in-between that get over looked. Things are simmering down and this past weekend I flew out to a friend’s wedding in Austin and counted it as my “relaxing” vacation between the stress of moving and beginning a new job.

While it wasn’t exactly relaxing, it was a much need trip surrounded by old and new friends.

Leaving early on Friday from Seattle I ended up spending almost 12 hours in two airports before actually seeing Austin from a distance. Two of my old roommates drove out for the wedding and kindly picked me up from the airport and took me back to a friend of a friend’s house we stayed at for the trip.

Being able to spend time with these lovely ladies in a fun city like Austin was much needed – add to this the warmth of the sun, the beautiful wedding, and the new folks we met along the way and I cannot think of a better end-cap before beginning my new job.

Now that I’m back in cloudy Washington (there are SO many clouds, I’ve been able to see the mountains once since I’ve been here) I’m restless to begin the next phase of this adventure. Settling into a routine sounds glorious right now!


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