Great Gatsby Covers

GG Cover IIIGG VI GG Cover

I recently saw the Baz Luhrmann production of the Great Gatsby – which I really loved but this post isn’t a movie review (though that might come later), instead I want to look at how the book cover of the Great Gatsby has been adapted and changed throughout the years to appeal to the attention of the ever changing audience.  I’ve always loved seeing and collecting (much to the distress of my budget) the different editions and covers of my favorite books – I have three different copies of Great Gatsby in my personal library. From the first edition blue cover with the all seeing eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg to the movie mover edition featuring the ever dashing Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast. All of these covers are beautiful and capture certain aspects of this much loved story whether it be the opulence of the era, the mystery attached to the story, or the art deco fashion stylized in the 20s.  Take a look, which one is your favorite?

GG Cover IVPenguin Cover     GG Cover V GG Cover IIGG Cover VI GG Cover Movie